Cathedral Dream Ever Closer to Realization

“It’s going to be beautiful place of worship, reflection and gathering of the faithful,” said Ginger Presson of Raleigh.

In May, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Raleigh revealed new architectural drawings that depicted what will soon become Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. “Through a good faith campaign, we are going to build a cathedral that will be truly Catholic, traditional, timeless and beautiful,” said Bishop Burbidge.

The Cathedral drawings have created a lot of excitement in the Diocese. “When I saw the new renderings, I immediately thought about the glory of God,” said Cecilia Flannery, parishioner of Our Lady of Lourdes. “Building the Cathedral is our small way of giving glory to God and professing our faith in our community.”

Jim O’Brien, the Cathedral architect, presented the drawings at a priest meeting at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Newton Grove on April 29th. He assured those in attendance that the Cathedral is intended to be a reflection of the values of the people of North Carolina. Several priests offered very valuable feedback on design and liturgical elements. Interior elements such as the baptismal font and bell tower are still in the design phase.

“My favorite drawing is the one that illustrates people in the pews and the altar servers walking down the aisle,” said Ms. Flannery. “I sensed what it will feel like to be there and that is very exciting.”

“Building the Cathedral is only one of the mandates we receive to serve the Lord,” said Bishop Burbidge. “We are called to serve the needy and teach and preach the Good News. We will never move away from the Gospel mandate of serving one another.”

Bishop Burbidge has been steadfast in his commitment to build what the people of the Diocese will allow. To date $34.7 million has been pledged, leaving $6.3 million to reach the goal of $41 million. “We will abide by the same requirements and standards that parishes wishing to build adhere to; we will not start construction until we have 1/3 cash down payment,” said Russ Elmayan, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer. “Based on projections of pledge redemptions, we will have more than that by December.”

Gifts and pledges are coming in daily and parishes continue to reach or surpass their goals. Conversations with donors about major gifts to the Cathedral continue, and the naming opportunities phase of the campaign to raise the remaining amount needed to complete this work will begin soon.

“My prayer,  God willing, 100 years from now we will hopefully look at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral campus with great affection, love and gratitude and even pride for what this generation has done to contribute to the Diocese of Raleigh,” said Bishop Burbidge.

Stay in touch with the project by visiting For further information on how to make a gift of time, talent or treasure to the campaign, contact Tim Breslin, Executive Director of Stewardship and Advancement at 919-821-9721 or email