Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quick summary? Our Cathedral is the center of Catholic life in our Diocese, belonging to all the faithful and serving as a sacred place to celebrate the pastoral and spiritual life of the people. The generosity of the faithful in all our parishes and missions has enabled us to pursue this historic endeavor for our Diocese.

Are we building what we need? Since December 12, 1924, when the Diocese of Raleigh was created, Sacred Heart served as the Cathedral for the Diocese of Raleigh. There were 6,000 Catholics in the entire state of North Carolina. Today, there are approximately 500,000 Catholics in the Diocese. This total is projected to reach 1 million Catholics in less than 20 years. With a seating capacity of 320, Sacred Heart Cathedral is the smallest Roman Catholic Cathedral in the continental United States. When it was completed in October 1924, Sacred Heart was envisioned as a parish church. Because of its small size, inadequate support facilities, and very limited parking, the Cathedral cannot accommodate most major liturgical celebrations which properly would be held in the Mother Church of the Diocese.

The Cathedral remains an important priority for serving the pastoral, spiritual, and civic needs of Catholics in North Carolina. Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral will enable the faithful to gather with their Bishop for major liturgical celebrations and events as a family of faith, hope, and love to further the mission of Jesus Christ.

How much did it cost to build the Cathedral? Original construction costs were estimated at $41.2 million. As the project proceeded two things occurred that increased the final construction cost: opportunities came up that we would not have been feasibly been taken advantage of later, and the rate of donations that were coming in gave us confidence that we would still complete the project without debt. There is no mortgage on Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral! The final construction cost for the cathedral was $45.7 million, an increase of $4.5 million from original estimates.

Where is the Cathedral located? 715 Nazareth Street, Raleigh, NC 27606 It’s located at the corner of Centennial Drive and Nazareth Street on acreage the Diocese has owned since Fr. Thomas Price, the first native born North Carolinian to be ordained a priest, bought it in 1899. Read the history of the property

Who designed the Cathedral Campus? The design was largely influenced by feedback on the initial renderings of the Cathedral Campus from clergy, religious and parishioners who gathered at over 400 receptions throughout the Diocese. James O’Brien, of O’Brien and Keane Architecture, is the architect of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

Exactly what does the Cathedral design include? The Cathedral is timeless and traditional. The cruciform layout provides seating on both sides of the sanctuary. The Narthex is of adequate size for congregants to gather prior to Mass, which is a design point that reflects the sense of community we heard in the receptions. The design includes elements that are meaningful to the faithful, including the Adoration chapel, shrines dedicated to the saints, a bride/family room for weddings, funerals and other liturgies, and easy access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Will the Cathedral be a sustainable building? The design is environmentally conscious; it includes more natural light, uses locally sourced materials (including North Carolina brick), reuses stained glass windows from Ascension Church in Philadelphia (and other design elements from churches no longer in use), and incorporates energy efficient lighting, heating, cooling and electrical systems.

How many people will it accommodate? The seating capacity of 2,000 is appropriate for the role the Cathedral plays in serving the spiritual needs of all the faithful in the greater Diocesan community, and allows for growth in the Catholic population, as we are one of the fastest growing Dioceses in the country. The project includes adequate surface parking for full capacity and a site plan for future construction.

When did construction begin? On January 3, 2015, the Memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge celebrated the Rite of Blessing and Groundbreaking. Read more. Committed pledges reached required amounts as stipulated in Diocesan policies for all building projects. Requirements included a project finance plan approved by the Diocesan Finance Council and at least one third of the project cost on hand in cash, with the balance committed in pledges.

How does Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral impact the Sacred Heart facilities?The present community of Sacred Heart parish will move to the new Cathedral. Sacred Heart will be retained and honored as the first church designated to be the Cathedral for the Diocese of Raleigh, when the Diocese was created in 1924. Sacred Heart Parish will continue to serve the Diocese.

The current social programs of developing, promoting, and ministering to meet the social, physical, and spiritual needs of the downtown community will continue. The Diocese of Raleigh has a long-standing and strong commitment to assist those most in need in the downtown Raleigh area. Social services are an essential element of the teaching of our Church. Ways that Sacred Heart may complement and amplify the existing services in the downtown area are being studied.

The master site plan includes provision for a school on the Cathedral Campus. Sacred Heart parish and school administration are developing plans to relocate Cathedral School to the campus.

How do I make a pledge? Honor and Memorial opportunities associated with the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral are available. For those who have not yet had a chance to contribute, or would like to give further, this is a great opportunity to remember someone you love. Opportunities include items such as: The Crucifix, Stained Glass Windows, Stations of the Cross, Statues, Liturgical Furnishings, Pews and more! Contact Greg Leitner at or 919-821-9721.

I am a member of Sacred Heart. How do I register for Holy Name of Jesus parish?  What do I need to do? If you are a current registered member of Sacred Heart, your registration will carry over automatically to Holy Name unless we are instructed to do otherwise.  If you are not currently registered, or are new to the Cathedral, you can start registering immediately.  Please see these instructions on the website for the many convenient ways to join the parish – and welcome!

What do I have to do about my automated giving? If you donate to Sacred Heart through Vanco, the change-over will be handled internally and no action is required by you.

If you write a check, whether manual or electronic, single issue or recurring, drawn from your bank and issued to Sacred Heart, please begin using ‘Holy Name of Jesus’ as the payee as soon as possible. Both monikers will be accepted for our time of transition, but it’s best to make the changes as soon as possible and definitely before the end of the year.

If your donations are through EFT draft, please call the office to make arrangements to opt out of EFT and select one of the above methods.  EFT draft processed by the church will no longer be an option in 2018.

What will the new website URL be?  This website will automatically redirect you to the new website, once it is complete. The new website for Holy Name of Jesus is still under construction but will be live soon.  Continue to use this parish website until further notice.

Is there a mobile app for Holy Name of Jesus like there is for Sacred Heart Yes! If you have already downloaded the app, all you have to do is change your parish. Open the app, tap the ‘hamburger’ in the top left corner (stacked horizontal lines); when the page slides right you will see the underlined phrase ‘change parish’ – tap it and view the exposed list.  If the location services are activated on your phone, the name should appear without a search.  Otherwise, search for Holy Name of Jesus with the zip code 27606 and tap; Holy Name of Jesus will remain your default church unless you change it manually again.

If you haven’t already downloaded the mobile app, please take this opportunity to do so. Text the word “APP” to the number 88202 and follow the instructions above.  This is the best way to stay current with events a news at the Cathedral.

What will be the role of Sacred Heart after July 26?  What will it be called?Sacred Heart Church will continue to celebrate daily Mass, Monday-Friday at 12:10 pm and offer Spanish Mass on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.  Confessions will still be heard after the daily Masses and also in Spanish on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm.  In addition, weddings and funerals can also still be celebrated there when requested.

Where will the parish office be for Holy Name of Jesus? The parish office will also remain at 219 W. Edenton St with the same hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

The St. Monica and St. Dominic buildings will continue to be used for the purposes they fulfill today.  There are no additional facilities on the Holy Name campus at this time.

How do I get in contact with the staff of Holy Name of Jesus? The current staff for Sacred Heart will serve Holy Name. All phone numbers and email addresses will stay the same and remain operable during the transition.  The new email addresses will be added when the new website is launched, and it will be a gradual transition from the old to the new, to ensure that no communication is lost.

 What is the address of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral?

  • The physical address is: 715 Nazareth St., Raleigh 27606
  • The mailing address is still: 219 W Edenton St., Raleigh 27603

What will be the dates and procedures for celebrating rites at Holy Name of Jesus? The baptism schedule is being developed and will be posted shortly.

Weddings can be scheduled at Holy Name for dates beyond 2018. Please refer to the Wedding Planning section on the website for details and requirements.

Funerals will be decided on a case-by-case basis, after discussion between the Rector and the deceased’s family about which church is more appropriate due to availability and scheduling.

I would like to volunteer at Holy Name of Jesus.  What opportunities exist?The same opportunities that are available at Sacred Heart will transfer to Holy Name.  Parishioners can volunteer in the music ministry, in the liturgical ministry and within the many ministries which fall under the social concerns umbrella.  Please see the “Get Involved” section of our website to review these opportunities.

For a short hiatus, liturgical ministers will be manually assigned by Deacon Mike as we discover our needs at HNOJ v. SHC.  Once the changes are weathered, training sessions to review the new procedures with existing volunteers will be scheduled.  Then, we will move forward with new training for new ministers.  Automated scheduling will resume in the fall.

Will there be public tours of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral? It is a long-range goal that we will have public tours in place, with trained docents imparting much of the construction and spiritual significance to visitors.  However, at present, these tours are not yet at the point of implementation.

As of October 23, 2017