Honor and Memorial Naming Opportunities

A letter from Bishop Burbidge:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The building of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral is truly historic. Awaiting the completion of construction, I am filled with joyful anticipation. Please be assured of my continued prayers that this sacred place will be a spiritual home for Catholics across Eastern North Carolina.

At this time, you are invited to participate in the Honor and Memorial Opportunities, through which your family or a loved one can be remembered. There are various levels in which you can contribute. For generations to come, your legacy could be made evident to all who come to pray and worship at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.
May God continue to bless you and your family.

Sincerely in Christ,
Bishop Michael F. Burbidge

Join the faithful who are remembering loved ones with a gift to Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. Through honor and memorial opportunities, your family and loved ones will have a special place in the new cathedral for generations. Support this historic project through the gift of religious art or liturgical items, which will have a lasting presence in a most sacred space. Contribution levels vary. Browse the catalog below to view items for Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in greater detail.

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For more information or contact Greg Leitner at greg.leitner@raldioc.org or 919-821-9721. Thank you for your continued support!

Download the 2016 Honor and Memorial Naming Opportunities Brochure